is to choose their future

I have shared as much as an Instagram post allows on this topic not knowing how many actually read the caption especially when it flows into comments , I know insta is for scrolling and double tapping when something is visually pleasing, so I have decided to touch on it here... our journey to doing better. Better for our children, for their skin & their future. Better for the planet, the flora and fauna. Better for our Farmers, our Growers & Our Makers. I choose to eat organic and use natural products for our skin & cleaning etc. it did not make sense to do all this then dress in clothes drowned in chemicals. What they do not tell us is the truth…. To manufacture fabrics over 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used, knowing that most of these are hormone disruptors or carcinogens they continue to operate this way , it doesn’t stop there when disposed of these chemicals are released into the water ways, which damage the local ecosystems , people and animals that live close by eventually effecting the whole planet .

My whole childhood we were taught the importance of Organic food, natural medicine & doctors’ visits where a rare occasion, becoming a mother all I learnt growing up came into play , it was so important to me to raise them this way . The more I discovered about fast fashion & the reality of what I was putting on their bodies the further away I stepped from those brands …I decided I was done with fast fashion with the poor quality of clothing, the one wear wonders. I had 3 girls when buying something, I thought they can all get to wear this… Well that was not the case. We can do better!

The day you become a mother all you do, and think is for them its about them & their future, your building your future better for them … But what future will they have if there is no Earth?
That is reality. 

Creating timeless, ethical & sustainable wear has been a long time thought, after my 3rd baby girl I was still thinking about it so using my spare time ( is that such a thing with 2 kids and a new born ? ) to bring those thoughts to life. I called them Worn Wilde, its inspired by children in nature, adventures lead by their wilde imagination. They need comfort & durability something that they can climb, run & jump in. Fabrics that are kind to their skin kind to the planet & wont impact their future. Ones that can be worn, washed & loved then passed to the next little soul for more adventures. Clothing that at the end of its life it could tell a story, it was memories of many children & when its time was up it was gentle on Mother Earth. Which is wear my search for material began, we needed this fabric to be grown and the process from seed to plant and into fabrics had to be sustainable & safe for our people. Its not just the growing that’s important , the making of our designs needs to be ethical with fair pay & work conditions it important to me to support small family businesses ( just like mine ) .Our designs are lovingly hand made in small batches using sustainable fabrics, knowing I am creating slow fashion with little impact on Mother Earth is something I am proud of. There are always ways to better our business and I am always working towards these. 

It may seem more costly to buy clothing that is sustainable and ethical, but it will cost our children a lot more if we do not start making these decisions. Really when you think about how many “cheap” clothing items you buy - as they wear out before they grow out of them or just fall apart as they are carelessly pumped out in the thousands. It adds up right? Reality is you have spent quiet a lot ... yet nothing to show as they have been disposed of. We need to change our ways, buy less but better quality. wear it more often. 
By choosing Organic Fabrics we are looking after our land, our farmers as they must follow strict guidelines during the growth and farming stage of the individual plants that are later woven to become fabrics. The next step is having the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® which regulates what happens during the time that the raw fabric is processed into consumer-ready products like clothing, bedding, and towels, and it ensures that the final product is free from harmful levels of 100 known dangerous substances.

As one I am doing what I can, making conscious decisions and sharing my journey and what I am learning with hope to raise awareness, change the way people think and do. I am so grateful you took the time to read this. We would love you to join us in this movement – to slow fashion, to respect Mother Earth & all that lives here, to give our children a better future. We welcome you to our community of conscious mammas making a stand for our children. For a future of slow living, sustainable and ethical fashion. We have the power to make these changes by what we choose & by what we teach.

We are raising the future.