Our Promise

to support those whom are committed to improving our children's future 

All children should have an equal opportunity to live their best life. It breaks my heart that many don't get this chance. I am grateful for all the charities and organisations who step up & assist in providing children, their families & communities with a better life. They provide access to resources we take for granted , they provide education for them to achieve their dreams, they provide a healthier environment to live , they teach us all to care for mother earth, for our future & our children's future . There are many ways we can support these amazing people who have stepped up ! 

Every Month I donate 10% of all sales to a charity/ foundation that aligns with our values. Here I will share them with you in hope to raise awareness . One of the best things you can do is educate , talk to others, to your children . Raising awareness can make a huge impact. Maybe you didn't realise there was an issue around this? Maybe you had no idea this happened ? Maybe you didn't know of this amazing organisation trying to create change. If any of these connect with you please do what you can to support them . 

I may be small but "ripples create waves" just by you reading here I have achieved something ..... I brought this to your attention. Your support means so much more than you know it's not just to my business , my family but the future generations~ a child's education , a child's medical expense or clean water . Its to the world we live in, to the place we will one day allow our children to wander & live in without our protection .  

With your support we have been able to donate to the below Charities & Foundations . 

Children's Ground is an Organisation led by Aboriginal communities, working with children , families & communities that face the greatest exclusion and live with injustice & disadvantage every single day . Working across 5 intersecting platforms: learning , health, economic well being , culture & community. 

"A world where all children and families live with dignity and are free from economic poverty and inequity.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families realise their aspirations for the next generation of children to have agency over their social, cultural, political and economic future; to be free from trauma and suffering, enjoy equity and safety, and grow into adulthood feeling happy and able to enjoy their identity, health and wellbeing.
An Australia that celebrates First Nations peoples, culture, and future."

Yaru is a social enterprise that tells an important cultural story, whilst creating better health outcomes for Indigenous communities via the Yaru Foundation. Through sales of Yaru Water and vital donations, we are able to establish projects that lead to health improvements, cultural awareness, and sustainable outcomes. In line with world water day Yaru Foundation completed a project in the Pandanus Community providing them with safe clean drinking water after their water source had become contaminated. Having clean water ( something we take for granted) provides this community with an overall improved health for the children & families. Yaru continues to make a difference throughout Australia . 

Plastic Free Boy - Arlian shares his knowledge and mission with other children by attending schools , speaking & educating,  changing their future , the oceans future .
"Everyone can be a Super Hero. I believe that my generation is the key to change. Through engaging and inspiring education we can motivate kids to become future leaders."
He attended my daughters school & is proof that when children stand up for something they believe in they can make a difference. This month we will be donating to his mission , he is currently creating a film PLAN B - full of solutions. All about his steps and what we can do to save the Great Barrier Reef .
To be inspired you can watch his videos , show the kids! It is honestly heart warming someone so young has already created such a big impact . 
“My mission started in January 2017, on my 11th birthday, when I saw 3 sea turtles being released back into the ocean. I found out that they were hurt by plastic pollution. I also found out that when I am 42 years old there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. I realized that this will have not only a big impact on marine life but also on us humans when millions of people who rely on fish will become climate refugees.”